The beginning

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It all started on November 7th with mild cold-like symptoms. Nothing too serious, but being aware of the unpredictable nature of Covid I was quite alert and anxious at the time. I’ve spent a couple of days isolated from my wife and kids, resting and healing.

I’ve visited my doctor just to be sure if any treatment is needed and she’s prescribed antibiotics since my blood work results indicated that it’s a bacterial infection. I’ve been prescribed an Aspirin a day as well, just in case. It was only two weeks later that I’ve done an antibody test and it revealed that in fact I’ve had the Covid infection.

I was relieved of course – I was one of the fortunate ones that have recovered from the virus with only mild symptoms and I’ve developed an immunity. Yaay! That’s when things started getting strange…

I got out of bed on a Monday morning as usual and as I was walking towards the bathroom I’ve noticed a weird feeling of slight numbness in my left arm and leg. I didn’t think much of it at the time – I thought it was due to a bad sleeping position. Boy, was I wrong! It’s early March as I’m writing this and four months later I am still experiencing various neurological symptoms, including numbness in my arms and legs.

In the upcoming posts I’ll try to list all fo the symptoms I’ve experienced since all of this started, as well as the journey I’ve taken so far in search of answers and correct treatment.

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